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14 March 2008 @ 12:38 pm
Title: Ants (creative, huh?)
Author: dare_to_dream06
Beta: psychotic_scam ♥'s u!
Characters: wee!sam (8) & wee!dean (12)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 977
Authors Notes: Okay, so I don’t know how many of you read deansam67’s post yesterday about her experience with ants but I found it quite hilarious, so I commented. Which turned into a conversation about wee!sam angsting over the fact that wee!dean has no heart. Which lead to this. Enjoy =)

Ants. Sam called him outside to look at ants. Lots and lots of ants. Collapse )
09 February 2008 @ 10:55 pm
okay, so i just did a pretty decent friends cut.

mostly because my flist is too damn long.
i cut those of you who i cant remember ever leaving me a comment on any of my entries or fics.
those of you who i havent ever talked to.
those of you who are just in my journal for fic, and havent really made an effort to get to know me, the writer of the fic.

sometimes, comments can just make someone's day. you know?
they can let someone know if they're doing a good job, or if their writing kinda... sucks.
people like to know that kinda stuff.
and getting to know someone and making that effort can make someone's bad mood turn into a good one.

so anyone who's unhappy with my friends cut, just.
suck it up. *shrugs*

i'm sure you guys are pretty awesome people.
but how would i know?
maybe next time you'll make an effort.

and for those of you who survived the cut, congrats *smiles* you're still here. lol.

if ive accidently cut any of my close friends, m'so sorry.
just let me know. ♥
15 January 2008 @ 10:33 pm
EDIT: Sorry about the NO CUT before, I messed up. Now it's Fixed. =)

So today’s prettifuls_pout’s birthday and in honour of it, I’ve written her fic! Because she's the most amazing and awesometastic person in the whole world. (Aside from me *snorts*) *blows kisses*

Title: The Triplet
Author: dare_to_dream06
Pairings: Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson
Word Count: 4,125
Rating: very, very NC-17

Summery: Jared, Jensen and Chris are all chillin’ out at Jensen’s place having a few rounds of beer. Chris gets hungry and goes out to get something to eat, when he gets back what he finds in the livingroom is both surprising and not. Later that night they get an unsuspected phone call from a person who wants to join in on the fun. =)

Notes: This is the first time I’ve ever written a threesome fic... so, enjoy. =)♥ Also i wanted to give a HUGE GIGANTIC thank you to lycaness for reading this over and beta'ing it for me. AND i'd like to thank psychotic_scam for holding my hand and assuring me that it was going to turn out okay. <3 =)

OH and I hope you like your present, baby. <3

Comments are so much love!

Follow the cut...Collapse )
17 December 2007 @ 11:20 pm
kay guys, i need your help... again.
i was looking for the picture of jared and the prop guy.
you know the one i'm talkin about.
the one where jared's got some sound guy or whatever sitting on his shoulder and the guy is so tiny.
anyone know where i can find it?

16 December 2007 @ 01:58 am
Okay guys! I know it's been like... forever since I wrote anything but I have a perfectly good reason;

I'm currently writing a new fic called College Days with the help of my amazing beta ahora_11 & I've made a comm espically for that! *dances*
If you've been reading my journal you'd know that the story centers around J2 but has a number of other characters in it as well.

THE CHAD & Sophia are main characters along with Mikey & Tommy! Sandy will be in there somewhere along with The Padalecki & Aclkes fams!

So here's a little self pimping! =)

If we can get at least 50 members to the comm by Thursday, dec20th. I'll post the first chapter on Friday! So spread the word!
*hugs and kisses*
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10 December 2007 @ 10:01 pm
Oh noes.
My poor head is exploding. *lip wibble*
I have a head ache the size of Jared's padacock.
It's huge. *pouts*
I'm gonna go lay down or something.
Apparently I turn into a 10 year old when I have a headache. *grabs sooky blanket*

Do you know what would make me feel better? *juts out bottom lip*
Spamming. *nods head and grimaces at the pain* anything that's Jared/Jensen or Chad/Sophia or Sam/Dean related including individual pictures too. Cause I love pictures *looks hopeful*

*waddles off to bed*
Night Lovelies.
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06 December 2007 @ 05:58 pm
So I thought I at least owed it to my f-list and readers to at least let you know how my fic is coming along. =)

Read more...Collapse )
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Title: Sentences are overrated.
Author: dare_to_dream06
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 134
Summary: Grinding down, grinding up. Moans of pleasure. Clothes disguarded, skin on skin.
Authors Notes: Just a wee-ficlet :)

Read more...Collapse )
Okay so tonight I was searching though padacklesrps for fic's that I had lost the chapters to and came across some of the fics that I've written way back when I first discovered the amazing-ness of LJ. I thought I'd share them with you to see what you think. lmao, be nice. =)

Title - Simple Touches
Author - dare_to_dream06
Rated - PG-13
Parings - Jsquared
Word Count - 1,201
Disclaimer - Unfortunatly I do not own Jared or Jensen, they belong to one another themselves.
Summary - Don’t think he hasn’t notice those looks Jared’s been giving him on (and off) set. It could possibly be Jensen’s imagination or maybe he's just paranoid or something, but he swears Jared knows, he knows something.

Read more...Collapse )
27 November 2007 @ 03:31 pm
Title: Putting my heart back together.
Author: dare_to_dream06
Characters: Jared/Jensen
Word count: 660
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None!
Authors Notes: Okay so, if you’ve read the previous chapters, you know that we’ve had appearances from Hurty!Jensen, Hurty!Jared and Concerned!Mac! I thought i'd write a little epilogue to tell everyone how the morning after went. =)
Summary: Jared’s back in his life and he’s finally put Jensen’s heart back together!


Jensen’s a mean brotherCollapse )
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